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Dialog is one of the largest independent providers of ICT services to the health industry in Australia.

The services provided by Dialog over its 35 year history have significantly contributed to the ability of the health industry to address the needs of both providers and consumers of health services. Through the building of core operational systems such as TGA’s Strategic Information Management Environment; the Northern Territory Shared Electronic Health Record and Queensland Health’s Consumer Integrated Mental Health Application; and by providing strategic resource support to Medicare to deliver the Unique Healthcare Identification capability, Dialog has demonstrated its commitment and capability to deliver safe and secure solutions.

As the Health industry has recognised the power and efficiency of technology based solutions, so has Dialog embraced e-Health and has established a National Health Specialist Practice with the intention of maintaining a body of knowledge and awareness of the evolving trends in the industry.

Much like a clinical specialist practice, Dialog has identified those persons who have gained knowledge and skills associated with the delivery of e-Health solutions and drawn them into the Health Practice Advisory Group. These specialist services are then made available nationally to our solution delivery teams and to our clients.

Dialog’s ability to draw on its continuing active participation in health-related projects and its responsibility in managing many critical health operational environments, enables it to remain abreast of technical developments and the latest health business thinking. Dialog’s body of knowledge includes current working knowledge of e-Health components such as;

  • Unique Healthcare Identifiers,
  • Electronic Health Records,
  • NeHTA’s National Infrastructure Components for e-Health.
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Clinical Informatics and Audit
  • Solution Testing and Certification
  • e-Health solutions deployment
The Health initiatives that are being generated at a Federal and State level will deliver true value to the Health sector and it is very satisfying to manage the group of people within Dialog who are providing effective solutions that benefit both providers and consumers of health services. Sam Lamari – National Accounts Director – National Health Practice
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