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The proper management of drugs and medication processes is critical to the safety and health of patients and consumers. Dialog has worked on a wide range of systems for many health organisations including Therapeutic Goods Administration, state government health authorities and private hospitals.
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is a unit of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. The TGA carries out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard.

At the same time the TGA aims to ensure that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable time, to therapeutic advances.

The TGA evaluates new therapeutic products, prepares standards, develops test methods, conducts testing programs and liaises with industry to ensure that the products sold on Australian markets are of good quality and are safe and effective. Dialog, in partnership with the TGA, undertook a project to replace TGA’s existing set of core business systems.

The new integrated facility (Strategic Information Management Environment (SIME) enhanced the speed of processing applications for registration of medicines and therapeutic devices and provided consistent, timely operational and management information.

This involved centralising and upgrading the TGA’s key data repositories into a homogeneous Oracle environment and providing a collaborative computing environment using the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino products.
Dialog was responsible for the design and development of GMPALS and integration of GMPALS with SIME for licensing the manufacturing of therapeutic goods. This was a 12-month $700k project extending the SIME framework for the GMPALS business unit, deploying 4 web-based systems using Lotus Notes and Oracle.
The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (the Immunisation Register) is a national register administered by Medicare Australia that records details of vaccinations given to children under seven years of age who live in Australia. Health professionals use the Immunisation Register to monitor immunisation coverage levels and service delivery, and to identify regions at risk during disease outbreaks. Immunisation Register data also:

    • Enables immunisation providers and parents or guardians to check on the immunisation status of an individual child, regardless of where the child was immunised
    • Forms the basis of an optional immunisation history statement which informs parents and guardians of their child’s recorded immunisation history

    • Provides information about a child’s immunisation status to help determine eligibility for the Australian Government’s Child Care Benefit and Maternity Immunisation Allowance family assistance payments
    • Provides information for the delivery of incentive payments and feedback reports to eligible immunisation providers.

    • Dialog developed the Australian Child Immunisation Register in a CICS, Cobol + Delta, DB2 environment on an OS390 mainframe.

Used for tracking patient medication from point of admission through the medical episode during the hospital stay and then generation of discharge medical records for patients and GPs.
The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs web application collects the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) for the ATODS program. The application also collects and graphs clinical outcomes and produces opioid instructions for the Queensland Opioid Treatment Program. A Dialog consultant was responsible for design and jointly developed the application with Queensland Health I-Net staff.
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