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Dialog’s understanding of the e-Health objectives in Australia is enhanced by Dialog’s close participation with the key organisations that drive the e-Health directions; the National e-Health Transition Authority (NeHTA), the Department of Health and Ageing, Medicare Australia and the individual state and territory Health Departments.

Dialog also recognises that the intrinsic power of the ICT Industry and other service providers within Health can best be harnessed by working closely together to focus on the needs of Health service providers and consumers. Dialog has established close working relationships with solutions providers such as Microsoft, Google and Oracle, as well as many smaller product and service companies to enable them to utilise the strength of Dialog’s experience and capabilities.

Dialog’s ability to address the needs of the Health industry, as well as many other industry sectors, is predicated on the commitment to basic underlying core elements that are critical to ensuring trust in the end solution. Embracing these concepts; quality, privacy, standards, professionalism, reliability, compliance, culture (all of which are required to maintain Dialog’s ISO 9001:2015 certification); has enabled Dialog to establish a reputation for the delivery of first class solutions that have encouraged both clients and partners to pursue Dialog’s services.
Critical to the delivery of future e-Health solutions is an understanding of the NeHTA infrastructure components covering terminology, secure messaging, unique identifiers and authentication. These components enable the IT industry to deliver the e-Health solutions of the future; e-Prescribing, e-Medication, e-Referral, e-Discharge, and many more.

Through the National Health Specialist Practice Advisory Group Dialog is able to provide independent strategic and planning advice that will facilitate the delivery of effective Health Solutions. Actual delivery of Health solutions is achieved through the Dialog Regional Health Services centres or, for specific national focused solutions, through the National Health Practice Development Centre. This is a centre that enables solution development of significant projects or relevant health initiatives that would potentially involve joint funding.

By embracing the core elements of trust, by understanding the mechanisms for the delivery of Health solutions and by utilising Dialog’s strong, wide ranging ICT skills and experience, Dialog has demonstrated that it is a trusted and committed solution provider to the Health industry.
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